Fall 7 Times & Get Up 8

Fall 7 Times & Get Up 8

Studio scenes circa 2015
Nelly’s apartment in BK

We’d have all the burners on the stove fired up, pots of dye simmering, and a tarp on the floor while we played with the indigo. There were two less babies to care for in those days and were pretty green in the realm of business. ..

I was looking through the book "In the Company of Women" and a few things stood out.

Mary Going of Saint Harridan says “Success in business is seeing how badly you can fail and still love yourself.” 

Hmmm. That strikes a chord.

Mary Going is speaking to risky business. If you start a business, failure (minor or major) is inevitable. So if you’re going for it, you gotta make peace with that.

Every time I’ve considered stopping it’s followed some experience where I felt like I had failed. Normally after having a fight with Nelly (which thank goddess doesn’t happen too often.)

The thing is, it’s never actually failing in the big picture. You’re always growing and learning if the moments of seeming failure are taken instead as lessons and teachings that will inform future actions #growthmindset

Then you keep going.

More excerpts from #inthecompanyofwomenand thoughts on entrepreneurship to come

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