Collective Hand is a textile design studio specializing in natural dyes. Founded in 2015 by Keely Angel, the studio was born from a love of experimentation and desire to connect with nature while creating fabrics that celebrate ancient dyeing traditions.

Keely began working with textiles in 2009 while working in Aviva Stanoff's studio in Brooklyn, NY. She had the pleasure of working in production and traveling the world with Aviva on sourcing trips. When Aviva's studio moved to California, Keely was inspired to create her own line with a focus on natural dyes. 

Collective Hand is devoted to innovation through fiber art and conscious consumerism, considering the integrity and impact of each and every piece. Everything is dyed by hand in New Jersey and sewn in NYC.

Why Natural Dyes?

The Synthetic dye industry is one of the worst polluters in the world. They use heavy metals to bind the dye to the fabric, which can take hundreds of years to fully disintegrate. This process destroys the eco systems and drinking water near the synthetic dye production facilities.

Certain plants, kitchen waste, and animal based dyes are options that can be sustainable. Collective Hand considers the cultivation of these materials, as anything can be harvested from the natural world in a way that is damaging and unsustainable.