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        • August 14, 2018 Aquarian Women Unite
          Aquarian Women Unite To all you fierce, beautiful, gritty pioneer women from this past weekend - our siblings of destiny, as Yogi Bhajan would say - THANK YOU, from our hearts. When we were invited to come sell our textiles and teach natural dyeing at this historic inaugural Aquarian Women's Leadership Society experience, we knew we had to make it happen.
        • August 12, 2018 Upcoming Dye Workshops!
          Upcoming Dye Workshops!

          Please join us at Remedies Herb Shop on October 5th

          and we will be at Juniper on October 6th

        • August 03, 2018 New 100% Cotton Practice Pants
          New 100% Cotton Practice Pants We have designed the most simple and comfortable cotton practice pants, made of 100% cotton and sewn by hand in Brooklyn.
        • July 25, 2018 Turban Technology
          Turban Technology Wearing a head covering enables you to command your sixth center, the Ajna Chakra. Covering the head provides a sense of containment and focus while practicing yoga or while doing work that requires clarity of thought. It literally helps "keep your head together." Covering the head creates a focus of the functional circuit of the hemispheres of the brain, and tunes the neurological system. The whole head is to be covered, not just the crown chakra. 

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