Silk Velvet Aromatherapy Pillow

$ 20.00

Silk Velvet Aromatherapy Pillow

$ 20.00

Silky smooth velvet on one side and dupion silk on the other, these are the glammed up version of our signature naturally dyed aromatherapy pillows. The mini pillow is intended to delight your senses! Simply keep the pillow on or near your bed as you sleep and feel the lavender and chamomile aromas slowly start to soothe and calm the nervous system.

  • Colors derived from flowers, roots, and various other natural materials

  • Filled generously with Lavender, chamomile and flax

  • Store the pillow in a sealable plastic bag when not in use.

Some of the benefits and healing qualities of a lavender aromatherapy pillow:

  • Helps lessen insomnia

  • Relieves stress and anxiety

  • Promotes overall relaxation



Size: 5" x 5"

Weight: 5 Ounces

Fabric: Silk Velvet and Dupionni

Fill: 100% Organic Lavender Chamomile and Flax

Cleaning: Wipe product gently with a wet cloth. Do not saturate the product - Do not soak or get the herbs wet.


**These items are made to order. Please allow 10 business days for your order to be processed and shipped.**